Starting in the Fall of 2019, the Department of Computer Science will begin streamlining its program offerings by replacing its existing BA/BS programs in CS, IS, DC and CS/Physics with a single, more flexible CS Plus program. The ABET-accredited BCS program and the new Data Science and Analytics programs will remain in place. 

The new CS Plus program will allow students to integrate computing with a variety of domains by requiring a 32-35-hour core of basic computing courses (slightly smaller than the current BA in CS) plus 12 hours of course work in another domain (slightly smaller than a traditional minor program). For example, students interested in information systems and other applications of computing to business could elect to do their plus course work in business and accounting. Others could choose plus work in art, communication, engineering, mathematics, or any other domain.

Details on the new CS Plus program are currently available on the "2019 New Major Info" tab of the BA in CS page and will be formally integrated into that webpage later this spring.

Note that the CS Department will continue to support the IS and CS/Physics programs while current students complete them and graduate, and the Communication Department will continue to support the current DC program. Thus, current students can choose whether to continue with their current degree programs or, if appropriate, to switch to the new CS Plus program. Either way, students should plan to discuss this with their advisors during spring advising (April 9-10).