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Computer Science Plus (BS)

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Degree Overview

You've just planned, designed, and built a new app... and it works. You break into a relieved smile—there’s nothing more satisfying than this: identifying a problem, creating a solution, and seeing the results.

Perhaps your program uses mathematical algorithms to process data faster. Maybe it improves business management or tracks the wellness of a patient in physical therapy. Whatever you create, we’ll equip you with the skills to solve complex problems and design software solutions. And you’ll apply your in-depth understanding of computation to another field of your choice.

Welcome to Calvin’s “computer science plus” major. You’ll earn a full BS degree in computer science, with supplementary courses in an applied field. Whether your interest lies in business, psychology, or language, there’s no limit to where computer science can take you.

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Program Distinctives

Coding and beyond - You’ll learn the industry-standard computing languages. But you’ll add extra depth to them through courses on topics like graphic design, entrepreneurship, and statistical learning.
A Christian mindset - All your professors are committed Christians who apply their faith to their whole lives--even to their coding. They’ll invite you to join their vision for technology that serves people and promotes justice.
Paid internships and research - Work alongside your professors and conduct research in intelligent user interfaces, high performance computing, and digital libraries for Christian literature and hymns. You’ll also do at least one internship at a local business or technology firm.
Cutting-edge - Our computer science programs are regularly reviewed by our Strategic Partners Council, a group of individuals that represents the field and advocates for Calvin students and graduates. These reviews ensure that our programs stay up-to-date with current technologies.

Degree Information


Degree Information

  • Overview

    The Computer Science Plus is intended for the student whose primary interest is in Computer Science, but who wishes to apply computation to other academic areas (e.g., business, mathematics, language or philosophy). It is a full bachelor of science (BS) degree in CS that shares most of its courses with the BCS degree, but it also provides flexibility by requiring fewer courses.

  • Courses
  • Suggested Course Schedule

    The following course schedule provides a suggested framework for students pursuing a CS-plus major. Students planning for the shift to 2 & 4-hour courses starting in Fall, 2023 should note that:

    • CS 212, 214, 232, and 262 will all become 4-hour courses.
    • Math 251 and 252 will become 2-hour courses scheduled in Fall 1 & 2 (rather than 3-hour courses).
    • The new requirement for upper-level electives will become 6 hours (rather than two courses).
    • Some advanced electives will be split and/or have modified hours. Also, some will be renumbered:
      • CS 338 & CS 339 - System Administration: Infrastructure & Cloud Services (formerly CS 338)
      • CS 354 - Database Management Systems (formerly CS 342)
      • CS 372 - Computer Graphics (formerly CS 352)
      • CS 375 & CS 376 - Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (formerly CS 344)
    • The internship course, CS 394 (3), will no longer be offered. Students can replace it with CS 383 (1), reducing the requirement by 2 hours.

    Schedule Notes:

    1. CS 108 is common here, but CS 106 or 104 can work as well.
    2. The core categories for the Mathematical Sciences & the Natural Sciences are covered by the CS cognate requirements. MATH 132 can work here.
    3. This schedule assumes that CS students opt out of World Languages II but fail to exempt out of World Languages I. Students can choose to opt out of a different Knowledge & Understanding category.
    4. CS-plus majors can choose to take MATH 132 and/or STAT 143 instead.
    5. CS-plus students must either take tagged courses in the core or add tagged elective courses. Such courses must be available.
    6. This assumes that students cannot find a ABET-compatible natural science course that is only 2 credit hours.
    7. This can be any K & U course, not including Math and Science. Core says we get <= 4 for Math, which requires that we have 4 here, but the core document implies that 6 hours of math could count - which is it?
    8. Student needs 124 total hours to graduate.

Women in Computing

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