The Calvin College core curriculum requires that students demonstrate that they can make full but discriminating use of current information technologies and discuss of the cultural impact of these technologies. Students can satisfy this core requirement by passing one of the following courses:

  • CS 108 – Introduction to Computing: This four-hour course provides a rigorous introduction to computing. It is designed for students with interests in computing or mathematics.
  • CS 106 – Introduction to Scientific Computation and Modeling: This four-hour course is similar to CS 108 but is designed for students in the natural sciences.
  • ENGR 101 – Introduction to Engineering Design: This two-hour course includes an introduction to information technology and is designed for students in engineering.
  • CS 100 – Creating Interactive Web Media: This three-hour course introduces basic web page design and programming. It is recommended for students with limited backgrounds in technology but with interests digital communication, digital art or the digital humanities.
  • IS 175 - Productivity Software: This is a three hour course that provides an in depth look at the use of desktop computing tools such as spreadsheets and databases to analyze data as well as how to connect to external data resources
  • DATA 101 - Data Science for Everyone: This three hour course is an interdisciplinary introduction to the world of data science.  It is also the entry course into the data science major.
  • IDIS 110 – Foundations of Information Technology: This one-hour course provides a minimal foundation for fluency in information technology. It is recommended for students with little or no background in IT.

Students may also satisfy the FIT requirement by passing the FIT Exemption Exam.

For other situations, the student can petition the FIT coordinator with an explanation of the particular circumstances warranting exemption (e.g. equivalent course at another college, A+ certification, acceptable scores on the AP computer science exam).